Maintenance Programs

We now offer combination maintenance medications that only we provide in area with a combination of or individually if deemed medically necessary:

  1. Low Dose Naltrexone
  2. Acarbose
  3. Orlistat
  4. Metformin
  5. HGH-Human Growth Hormone
  6. Sermorelin
  7. Lipoburn injections-MIC12
  8. B12 injection-Lipotropic

We offer multiple follow up options to keep you burning fat and help maintain your weight loss as you transition back to eating again-here are a few:

Benefits of B12 Injection AND Maintenance Package:

B12 increases metabolism, the side effect of which can be weight loss. With regular B12 shots and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster and they attribute it to the shot.

B12, as we said earlier is a great energy booster. What better way to deliver an energy booster than directly into the bloodstream? The other option would be to take a supplement, which would take many hours in the digestive process and would lose much value along the way.

Speaking of value, with a B12 shot, you retain almost all the B12 – none of it gets lost in the digestive process. For comparisons sake, a B12 tablet leaves you with only 1.2% of B12 in the tablet. A shot will lose very little, if any.

B12 Shots are highly recommended mood boosters as well. B12 is essential for a properly functioning central nervous system – we know that dysfunction can lead to depression. If you suffer from mild depression once in a while, you can try a B12 shot as a mood booster – some people have reported feeling happily giddy afterwards, but not for long. In a few hours, it settles and you are just happy!

B12 is essential for a properly functioning cardiovascular system. It thins the blood and prevents blood stickiness. Blood cells sticking together is what leads to a blood clot which can cause a stroke.

B12 injections can be administered at Modern Medicine for $20 per injection!

Benefits of Lipotropics Injections

  • Weight Loss
  • Enhance Liver Function Which Help Detoxify the Body, Increase Metabolism, and Store Glycogen. A Healthy Liver Also Secretes Bile more Effectively, which in turn aids in the digestion and breakdown of fats.
  • Many Weight-Loss Experts Believe Lipotropic Injections Boost The Immune System by stimulating the growth of antibodies, which detect and destroy foreign and abnormal tissue.
  • Lipotropic injections can also suppress appetite and lower cholesterol. Last, lipotropics are known to increase energy levels, which may enhance mood, vitality and overall health.
  • It removes specific deposits of fat from specific areas of the body. So far only operations can deliver these kind of results with an invasive manner.
  • ONLY $25.00 per injection.

Benefits of the Myoden Injection

The Myoden Injection is comprised of Andenosine which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It increases energy and has a positive effect on weight loss, stamina, and overall mood.

  • Myoden is used for treating chronic fatigue, WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU, thyroid disorders, and very slow metabolisms.
  • Myoden is a naturally occurring cellular metabolite that aids in protein synthesis.
  • Andenosine binds with pathogenic acid to form coenzyme A, which is used in the breakdown of lipids and stored fat.
  • Myoden in combination with B12 gives you more energy and helps your metabolism for weight loss.
  • Myoden has been FDA approved in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

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